2014 Kuandu Biennale

“2014 Kuandu Biennale”

Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei, Taiwan
September 26 – December 14, 2014

The Kuandu Biennale this year treats “Recognition System” as the curatorial theme. Specifically speaking, we intervene in the “systems” of artistic production by treating “recognition” as a “verb,” and then re-build and re-interpret the generative context of knowledge system and the gestalts of art with the assistance of methodological approaches, a process in which we grope for the shared properties and values between the knowledge system and art. From the deduction about civilizations to the landscapes along the skyline, and from the civilian economics to the micro-perceptions in the organic world, the 2014 Kuandu Biennale consists of 10 thematic “solo exhibitions” staged by 10 pairs of curator and artist who present a wide diversity of artistic claims, dialogues, analogies, aggregations, and discrepancies. Their competition, cooperation, and exchange embody a brand new Asian contemporary “recognition system.”