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“A Brief Chronicle of Kwan Sheung Chi’s Artistic Career”

《關尚智藝術事業 小年代記》

The artist’s first monograh is now available. 首本個人作品集現已有售。
Please contact gallery EXIT to purchase | 請聯絡安全口畫廊購買:



001 Fountain – Wong Wai Yin
015 Chapter I: …whose beauty I refuse to acknowledge; hypocritical sea…
045 Questions & Answers: Lui Chun Kwong on Kwan Sheung Chi
053 Chapter II: A few thousand years go by: one minute.
079 Forever A Star – Kwan Sheung Chi – Sipar Jiu
085 Chapter III: I use my genius to depict the delights of cruelty!
115 Chapter IV: if I slow down, he slows; if I run, he runs. I turn: nobody.
117 The Occupation and Career of the Hong Kong Artist – Kwan Sheung Chi
143 Coining “Infutility”: Some Thoughts on the Art of Kwan Sheung Chi – Valerie C. Doran
151 Chapter V: They learned to soften hearts, to attract attention, to pester.
162 Rethinking futility, or an arrogant failure – Chow Sze Chung
175 Chapter VI: But the nameless, the anonymous.
192 The Golden Touch – Chow Chun Fai
217 Chapter VII: There is a cathedral that goes down and a lake that goes up.
219 Read while looking up from my book – Kwan Sheung Chi
251 The Work of Kwan Sheung Chi in the Age of Genetic Reproduction and Social Injustice – Law Man Lok
267 Chapter VII: No matter. Try again. Fail again.
269 “Sorry, do I count as an undercover?” – from an economics betrayal to politics failure – Jaspar Lau Kin Wah
303 About the Authors
304 Artist’s Biography
309 Selected Bibliography
313 Index of Works


010 噴泉 – 黃慧妍
015 第一章:我不承認它的美,虛偽的大海。
050 問答:呂振光談關尚智
053 第二章:幾千年過去了:只是一剎那。
081 永遠的偶像.新人王關尚智 – 雀屎扒
085 第三章:我卻用我的才華描繪殘酷的樂趣!
115 第四章:我奔跑,他也奔跑。我轉身:無人。
123 香港藝術家的職業與事業 – 關尚智
148 鑄造「無為」:關尚智的藝術 – 任卓華
151 第五章:他們學會如何去打動人心,引起人們思考,叫人討厭。
165 逆想徒勞,或傲慢的失敗 – 周思中
175 第六章:那無名的、失名的事物。
196 點金術 – 周俊輝
217 第七章:有一座教堂沉落又升起一片湖泊。
229 抬頭而讀 – 關尚智
260 處於基因複製社會不公時代的關尚智作品 – 羅文樂
267 第八章:不要緊。再嘗試。再失敗。
269 「對唔住,我算唔算臥底?」 — 從出賣的經濟到失敗的政治 – 劉建華
303 作者介紹
304 藝術家履歷
311 書誌撰錄
313 作品索引