A Note on “ArtMART 2007 – Annual Fundraising Event for Para/Site Art Space”, left on my boss’s desk in the office by Andrew Farish who works on the same floor with me

Found object

24 x 14.8 cm;
29.7 x 21 cm (limited edition)
Limited edition color photocopy, 100 editions

When I found this page having my friend Lee Kit’s artwork on it with the interesting comment on the memo, which was torn from the Para/Site Art Space’s auction catalogue, I then kept it. A year later, Para/Site Art Space invited me to donate an artwork for their fundraising auction, I photocopied this page with the note in color, I set the edition number to 100, the first edition was given to them, and suggested to sell it for HK$ 100. Later, I was told that the piece was set to bid from HK$ 1,000, their staff Wendy bought it for HK$ 1,000, I then voluntarily offered her to choose another piece of my works, which would be for free.

+ 中文 +

和我在同一層樓工作的Andrew Farish放在我老闆辦公室桌上的一張有關“ArtMART 2008 Para/Site藝術空間週年籌款活動”的便條


24 x 14.8 cm;
29.7 x 21 cm(限量版本)