Photograph, inkjet print on paper, ink on tracing paper, handmade wood frame & glass

“Teapoy” is a collaborative project of the artist & his mother, TSANG Yin Hung. It was submitted to the Hong Kong Art Biennial 2005, organized by the Hong Kong Museum of Art, & was shown in the exhibition as a selected entry, acknowledged TSANG Yin Hung as the author of the artwork.

One day I decided to start making art. My son Kwan Sheung-chi, who is also an artist, suggested staying with me for a day and documenting my life on that day. I told him that my life has nothing, but he insisted no harm for trial. Morning exercise, breakfast, read newspaper, watch stock market quotes on TV and in bank, market, prepare lunch, lunch, afternoon nap, watch stock market quotes on TV, market, prepare dinner, dinner with my family, wash dishes, watch 3 TV dramas, bath, go to bed… On 29th June 2005, we proceeded with our plan. During the conversation we had after lunch, I mentioned last week I helped a friend to draw a design plan for a kitchen cabinet. From 1950 to 1954, I practiced mechanical drawing in the Guang-dong ji xie xue yuan (Guangdong Institute of Mechanic) when I was in Mainland China. Many of my old classmates and friends became engineer in Mainland later. Chi said he already forget about my study and asked me a lot. Later, Chi took out some old photo album, the photos were taken when my husband and I were just married. He found a photo which was probably taken in 1974, showing me have my big son in arms, in our flat. He said he has never seen the teapoy in the photo. A housemate of my brother, Cheung Chai, made most of the furniture in wood for our flat, including that teapoy. I said no, you should have seen it. Chi found another photo that was taken probably in 1982, showing he as a little child with another teapoy, which is now in our flat. Yes, he was right. He asked if I could still remember the appearance of the former teapoy and make a technical drawing. He said he could rebuild the old teapoy from my drawing.


+ exhibition history

2007. “Time After Time”, Basement, Hollywood Centre, Hong Kong
2005. “Irreality”, Para/Site Art Space, Hong Kong

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2005.「玄.現實」,Para/Site 藝術空間,香港