Kwan Sheung Chi: Too Simple, Sometimes Naïve

by Robin Peckham
randian, Artist Profiles, October 31, 2013. » continue reading

The Art of Kwan Sheung-chi and Wong Wai-yin, Or How Critical Art is Possible

by Anthony Yung
“Mobile M+: Yau Ma Tei” Exhibition Catalogue, May 2012, pp.55-67. » continue reading


「 M+ 進行:油麻地」展覽圖錄,2012年5月,第55-64頁。 » 閱讀文章

An exhibition of an exhibition: Kwan Sheung Chi

by Magdalen Chua
DailyServing, Force of Failure, March 10, 2011. » continue reading


關尚智藝術事業小年代記,2010年5月,第165-167頁。 » 閱讀文章

“Do you still need art’s halo?” Kwan Sheung Chi seems to have said.

by Law Man Lok
No matter. Try again. Fail again., gallery EXIT, 2009. » continue reading


不要緊。再嘗試。再失敗。,安全口畫廊,2009年。  » 閱讀文章

life imitates art, the conceptual installations of kwan sheung chi and wong wai yin

by Jonathan Thomson
jamini, an international arts quarterly, installation art, ICE Media Limited, March 2006, pp.44-49.  » continue reading