Well, you can have what's left of mine.

“Well, you can have what’s left of mine.”, solo exhibition

Project Fulfill Art Space, Taipei, Taiwan

September 5 – October 11, 2015

In the room there are a lot of things K didn’t take away when K left.

On the night table there is a big, brown butterfly shaped hairslide. Simple hairpins without any kind of decoration are scattered around the room. Aside the washstand some neatly arranged bottles
of facial cleanser, face cream, sunblock and lotion covered with a thin layer of dust. The stockings are drying in the corner by the window constantly dripping water at the tips. Two porcelain piglet coin banks are standing on the floor. One is almost full and the other just a few coins in it. A pair of unfinished woollen gloves that who had knitted for unknown. The finger parts are either a little short or long, wide or narrow irrationally. On the postcards K sent me from Miami, “hey” and “hi” has been written on it in perfect, tiny characters that are just a bit too precisely formed. The table has two ashtrays on it. One of them is filled with ashes at two centimeters height. Between the two ashtrays lays a box of Marlboro with one of the cigarette missing. The little flowers K picked by the pond at the station are all dry, still plugged in a Duralex glass. On the table, there is also a notepad and pen, with some numbers on the pad that meaning unknown. On the wall hung a calendar, the distant scene on it is almost completely faded.

..K left all the things and presents, only took away a set of Capital which I have never read. Two t-shirts were washed. One was dyed with the colour of the other one. After a shower, there were finger traces on the moist mirror. The bathroom was as wet as now when K’s finger tracing on the mirror.
,..an old porn movie disc, we brought it for $120 from a old lady selling old stuffs on street, she gave us posters as well, X XXX.
..the dream without a name left in my memory,.. K told the story very detail, does K still remember what has seen.
At last I saw the hands in the clock moving slowly XXXX I no longer in the room…




。。K把所有物件和禮物都留下,就只帶走了一套我還沒有讀過的《資本論》。兩件汗衫洗完後一件染了另一件的顏色。。。。 淋浴後,霧濕的鏡子浮現出手指抹過的痕跡,K的手指在鏡子上面時浴室跟現在一樣潮濕。
,。。一張陳舊的色情光碟,我和K花了120元跟在路邊擺賣舊物的老婆婆買的,她還送我們海報,X XXX。